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Winter Activities

Cross-country skiing

When winter comes, the snow coat gives to Mignovillard an other dimension. The white effect gives a relief to the mountains and forests.

The main regional activity during the winter is the cross-country skiing which is part of the local culture andthe residents custom.


On the top of the district, there are more than 10 slopes (alternative or skating). Theses routes run across the wonderful landscape of the forest and reach 20km of length.

In the cross country skiing spirit you will find some great values as a welcoming sensity, sharing spirit and friendliness.

Cross country skiing is reachable to all public levels. Of course, it is possible to learn lessons to begin.

plandes pistes

On the following link, you will find all the informations about the snow cover and the opening hours:


ski rental at the slopes departure, restaurant, changing room and louds.
Tél. : 0033 3 84 51 30 77

Original route:

The skiing route “Combe Guyon” : In skating or alternative, YOu will ride across the forest "Haute Joux, la combe Guyon" and discover a atypical landscape, the meadow of the place “Grange Bonnet” or “Le Moru” and concludeby the downfalls of old farms...

For the most experienced, there exist 3 links which will allow you to explore the "Cerniébaud, Vaux-et-Chantegrue et Remoray" domains. On the Haute-Joux domain, 20 slopes for a lump sum of 85km which are accessible.

The nearest domains:

Juras Mont Rivières.

Domaine de la Haute Joux
5 tracks snowshoes Cerniébaud, departure point "Combe Simon"
3 tracks snow shoes in Mignovillard, départure point "la Bourre"
1 slope skiing in Mignovillard, départure point "la Patte d'Oie"
3 tracks snowshoes in Arsure Arsurette, départure point"Chalet des Archers"
Domaine de Foncine le Haut
In the village : 1 of 2.8km + lnked to "chez Valentin" 2km 
Le Bayard : 6km + 2 variant : 1km 
Teleski : 4 soit 15.2km + linked to "chez Valentin" 2km 
« Chez Valentin » : 15.4km


With no doubt, snowshoes is the winter activity which allow to approach the most close to the nature, to dicover astonishing variety of landscape in Mignovillard and its massif.

Fixed to feets, snowshoes allow to incease thecontact surface with the snow in order to avoid to sink in it.
The sticks complete the equipement of the perfect snow hiker to help to balance.


The tracks
In Mignovillard, 3 snowshoes tracks starts in "Chalet de la Bourre" . One of them islinked to "Cerniébaud".

Les piste de raquettes au départ de La Bourre

Original Route :

The snowshoes route “Les Contrebandiers” is a marked journey, ungroomed. It can be done go and return during in one day. It will allow you to become a short time in the skin of an ancestor and imagine the track they travelled all overs between the 2 bordercrosses during the salt traffic . With a little bit of luck, you will meet track of a lynx or a "Grand Tetras".


Alpine skiing


Mouthe is a family station, being a member of the domain of Nordic skiing of the "Val de Mouthe", which offers three alpine ski runs on 5,5 km, assured by four skilifts and a springboard of jump. The village welcomes a School of the French ski ( ESF).

The station welcomes every year the arrival of the cross-country skiing race of "Transjurassienne"





Métabief is a station of mountain of the "Haut-Doubs" on the ideal access road to the "Mont d'or" peak of the department of the Doubs with 1 463 m of height) by runways, skilifts roads or still in ride.

Situated in 1000m of height, the summit of the station proposes a unique panorama on the chaine of the Alps, and a ski slopes of 26pistes spread on 40km.

It consists of a snowpark, two schools of ski and the chairlift of Morond to reach easily in the Crete of the Golden mount (1463m).

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