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Summer activities

Located in the heart of Jura chain, Mignovillard village is in the center of a large wooded place. This mountain chain distant itself by its diversity and the beauty of its landscape.
The greatest naturals sites are :
> The Juras lakes
> cascade
> Caves,
> falls
>peat bogs


These naturals sites offers a great attractionto the hikers. In addition Jura host a diversified flora and faun.
During the hot season, we can practice pedestrian hiking :
For example : The turn of «  pays de Haute Joux, Mont Noir et Chamagnole » a loop route of  197 km from « La Frasne (gare TGV) to Mignovillard, Foncine, Les Planches-en-Montagne, Champagnole, Censeau. » Of course, numerous variant are possibles.  http://www.juramontsrivieres.fr
This is alos the perfect place for equestrian and VTT hiking.
Otherwise, the numerous lakes which constitute the massif offer many various activities :
La multitude de lacs qui constitue le massif du Jura offre durant la saison chaude des activités aquatiques multiples et variées :
> Canoe-Kayak
> Fishing
> Rowing
> Water skiing
> Sailing.


Customs & Gastronomy.
The Jura region has a rich traditional history and the quality of its “terroir” is famous.
You will be able to taste the regional products :
> The Jura wine
> The cheese dairies producing the « comté “
> Traditionnal beekeeping
> Milk production.
Numerous farms and cheese dairies are visitable hereabouts